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Our Mission

The mission of Polembros and its Management is to ensure that Safety, Quality, Health, Security and Environmental considerations remain a top priority for the Company’s management and employees.

The Company’s philosophy and business strategy is to focus on modern and efficient vessels and to operate them with the most sophisticated management systems available in the market having safe operations as the core of all activities.

The Company considers Safety, Quality, Environmental Protection, Health and Security excellence as its prime operational target and has officially set the following long-term aspirations and goals:

  • zero incidents
  • zero health-related incidents
  • zero spills
  • no marine and atmospheric pollution
  • no loss of process capability
  • no lapses in security
  • no customer complaints
  • no port state deficiencies
  • no external non-conformities
  • OCIMF TMSA Stage 4 compliance


Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain and improve our position as a competitive leading shipping company in the global market targeting to zero incidents and zero spills to sea.

All employees, on board and ashore, are expected to participate actively in order to achieve excellence through quality, with respect to the environment and continuous improvement by promoting leadership and initiative.

The Mission & Vision statement shall be reviewed at annual intervals and whenever changes in the Company’s operating environment require such review. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the Mission & Vision statements always remain in line with the company’s long terms goals and objectives and to provide a clear message to all employees and stakeholders.